You Cannot Serve God and Mammon. Matt. 6:24

Written by James Smith, Edited by Thomas Ray

The Scripture tells us, Our God is a Jealous God. He requires the total devotion of the heart, the consecration of the body, soul, and spirit. Without this commitment we can never enjoy His fellowship or claim His promises. Unfortunately, too many Christians try to unite God and the world, but this is impossible. You cannot serve God and Mammon. We must make a decision. Who is to be our God today? Who will reign in our hearts, control our talents and receive our affections? Will it be material gain, carnal pleasure, or worldly companions that will be the idol today? Or, will we commit our thoughts, desires, and talents to Jesus. Will we seek his glory, and attempt to bring glory to His name. Or, will we invite some temporary passion or worthless trinket to rein over us? Choose this day who you will serve. Do not attempt to serve Christ and the world, either God will reign supreme in your heart or Mammon. God is a jealous God; He will not share his glory with another. Surely, you are ready to totally commit yourselves not only for today but forever. Invite Him each day to rein and control your every thought and action. But remember, you can only serve the Lord through the grace He freely provides. He will provide guidance, wisdom, and strength for each day. Claim his resources by faith and if we walk in the spirit we shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. For, we are more than conquers through Him that loved us.